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MiKaylee's Hope

Hope for a Grieving Heart

We are currently  no longer accepting any more blankets and hats.

There will always be a need for memory boxes, unfortunately. There will always be a pregnancy and infant loss community. Check into other ways of helping the pregnancy and infant loss community. Would you like to raise money for a cuddle cot? Please reach out to us, and we will offer the fundraiser for you so there are no fees taken out by Facebook. Other non profit organizations that may accept hats include Angel Babies (they are based in Massachusetts); Lucky Anchor Project (which is based in Pennsylvania). 

I appreciate not only your time but your talent and your willingness to do this for a family who is grieving the loss of a child. You are amazing! Thank you!


To help grieving families with resources that we didn’t have during the little time we had with our beautiful daughter MiKaylee born sleeping February 22, 2014. In hopes of getting cuddles cots in local hospitals; providing information to grieving families and offering a small package of hope which includes a certificate of life, business card, affirmation card,  angel trinket; a journal, and a book by Jesska Ross; and the resources for other local non profits for volunteer photographers; which are the resources we didn't know about when all of this happened to us. 

See website in bio to donate to fundrais
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Bringing Hope

MiKaylee's Hope raises money by having a fundraiser in February for The Smallest Gift, another non profit organization based in Pennsylvania. The Smallest gift had provided us with a weighted heart, and a blanket after we had lost MiKaylee. Any time donations can be made on the Facebook page and via Facebook messenger.

We also like to support other non profit pregnancy and infant loss support groups. Check out our facebook page for other events that you may be able to participate in. 

Annually in February, The Smallest Gift receives a donation from MiKaylee's Hope after there is a fundraiser for the month. In 2019, $420 was raised. In 2020, $645 was raised. Each year, we hope to increase the goal!

The Caring Cradle, also known as a Cuddle Cot is a device that allows a dignified means for parents and families to spend more time with a baby who has passed. This support tool is for any past families were limited to morgue visits, packing an infant in ice, turning the temperature down in room and other antiquated mean born out of necessity.

At MiKaylee's Hope, we want to make sure that your baby is remembered. So with each memory package, you will receive a certificate of life card personalized just for your baby, an angel trinket,a MiKaylee's Hope wrist band; a water bottle; and a handwritten card from me (the President of MiKaylee's Hope). Also included in the memory package is a grief journal published by Jesska Ross which has been generously donated by herself & she has also been making daily affirmation cards as well. Please make sure that when you are writing in, to spell your baby's name correctly (spell check is important). We want to make sure that you know their lives mattered just like any other baby. 

Serving our local areas including Berks county and Schuylkill county in Pennsylvania, we also plan to help other local surrounding counties including but not limited to Bucks county, Carbon county, Chester county,  Dauphin county, Lancaster county, Lebanon county, Lehigh county, Montgomery county, Northampton county, and York county. Memory boxes can be sent anywhere within the United States. 

A few statistics about pregnancy and infant loss: 

* Miscarriages occur 1 in every 4 pregnancies

75% of miscarriages happen in the first 3 weeks before most women know they are pregnant. 

10 happen between weeks 3-6.

5% happen between weeks 6-12

3% happen between 12-20.

1% are stillbirth between weeks 20-42. These rates increase in additional pregnancies. 

*Stillbirths occur 1 in every 100 pregnancies. Each year 24,000 stillbirths occur in the United States alone. 


*SUID/SID cases are 1 in 3. 3,500 babies die suddenly and unexpectedly each year in the United States.


*1 in 3 women die during or within a year of pregnancy were pregnancy related.  Pregnancy related deaths occurred during pregnancy, delivery, and up to a year postpartum.

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