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A little about myself...

Hi. My name is Audra. I am the President of the organization, MiKaylee's Hope. My daughter, MiKaylee was still born at 32+6 weeks. We went into the hospital on Feb 20, 2014 to find out she didn't have a heartbeat and had to deliver her. The process took 2 days. On Feb 22, 2014, she was born. A beautiful 4 lbs 12 1/2 ounces and 18 inches long. 10 toes, 10 fingers. Long, just like mine. Her nose was perfect and her eye shape, her lips, just everything about her. She was my first born. She was stillborn, but still born. Not many people are aware of stillbirths. I know I wasn't. Until it happened to me.

The mission of this organization is to do fundraisers throughout the year to be able to raise money for cuddle cots for local hospitals so that grieving families can have more time. Time I wish I would have been able to have with my baby girl, MiKaylee. Not only to raise awareness of stillbirths, but to help out other local non profit organizations including but not limited to The Smallest Gift and Sweet Grace Ministries. These local non profit organizations provide comfort to those who are grieving, just like I was back in 2014. The grieving doesn't just stop either. It continues for years, even as of today. This week is the hardest yet for me.

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