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Good morning! MiKaylee’s Hope is doing a lot of productive things lately! We are working on a logo, accepting donations thru Guidestar which takes you to Network for Good. Here’s the direct Link:

we appreciate any and all donations to alleviate shipping costs for the memory packages being sent out to our Grieving families. Just this past Monday, I sent out 18 packages! I was able to hand deliver 2 packages but that was still about an Hour drive round trip just for one package. Well worth it though!

I am thankful for the support I have received from all of the friends and family, the angel mamas and daddy’s out there and strangers who are so generous! we had our first scavenger hunt and the winner donated her winnings Which was so thoughtful And much appreciated! My sister in law had a craft show (virtual) that 10% of sales went to MiKaylee’s Hope and she raised $75 for us! So very thankful! had a pampered chef fundraiser a couple weeks ago which raised 10% of sales Which I believe was about $33? Still such support from wonderful people!

thank you so very much!!


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